Monday, January 30, 2012

When all else fails, we patiently wait on Him

Today in church we heard from a dear friend of mine, Dr. Samuel Thomas. He preached on stepping out of the boat and living a life of obeying God and going out of your comfort zone. I have always considered myself to be pretty flexible and willing to go where the Lord leads, but the message today really got me thinking. Perhaps this is why I am still up past midnight instead of sleeping in my nice warm bed. I literally have been thinking about anything and everything. My thoughts have been accompanied by the new DCB album(which is phenomenal and you should all own if you don't already). This combination has really had my brain turning. When Rob and I got married, we knew we wanted to be a couple on fire for God. Our primary goal in our lives is to follow what He wants us to do, but the big question is, "What does He want us to do?"

I have always said that God's will for me would be the path I would follow, but what exactly is it? So, I have literally been sitting in my Gram's living room, in the dark, for hours now, praying, reading, thinking, and listening to what God has to say to me. It is truly remarkable what happens when you just sit there and patiently wait on Him. And no, I am not just discovering this truth, I just have been bad at practicing it. We are always so busy and rushed that to spend time just waiting is almost impossible.

That impatient feeling is instituted in us from birth and we never just stop long enough to hear what greatness might be happening in our own lives. So are you ready to hear my big revelation that occurred to me while sitting here tonight? Me too. I'm still waiting, but I have such a better understanding of why slowing life down and listening can reveal what you have been looking for all along.

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  1. I'll be somehow trying to draft a succint blog post at some point soon with details but I am in the midst of getting clarity after waiting and feeling like answers weren't coming, that I was "stuck" in the dark...God is BLOWING my mind....I can't wait to hear how he ends up speaking to you. There is such beauty in stillness, in waiting, in just BEING WITH JESUS.