Monday, May 30, 2011

Becoming a couponer

So, I have wanted to get better at couponing and even work my way up to the title of "extreme couponer." I have been slow at getting started though, so last night Rob and I struck up a deal. To give me incentive to coupon, I can earn rewards for money I save. And were not just talking silly little items. I am couponing my way to some pretty awesome things. I immediately took him up on his offer and have been happily researching how to save all morning. The idea is very exciting to me. Saving all this money. I am even considering dumpster diving for coupons. =] I hope to report of great savings and earned rewards.

First goal on the list: save enough money to purchase a printer, so I can print coupons. Wish me luck =]

1 comment:

  1. I think you can definitely save enough for a printer, until then you can probably use the library to print coupons. Another tip I have learned is that not all stores allow you to use the coupons on your "club card" and a paper coupon, so make sure you check before adding a bunch to your card. Also, the drugstores have some great coupon deals and instant money back deals.