Monday, May 2, 2011

Birthday Season...let the celebration begin!!

Everything else has a season, why not your birthday? Great idea MJ! I have been known to make my birthday last a weekend, but turning the month into a celebration of you is a great idea! So to begin the month, I am going to list ten of my favorite things, that would make my birthday season perfect.

1. Braves games: I love watching them, but going to them makes me happier than a little kid on Christmas.

2. Watching sappy, cheesy romance movies: Everyone needs to cry over something ridiculous now and then.

3. Listening to Irish music and dreaming of living there.

4. Buying a new pair of shoes

5. Baking just to bake, no special event to go to

6. Getting flowers: Especially Gerber daisies

7. Listening to loud music and singing at the top of your lungs with the windows rolled down.

8. Puppies...they make my heart melt

9. Getting anything in the mail

10.Camping and the long drives that come with getting to your destination.

Regardless of these things, I know it will be a great month, but I look forward to seeing what touches of birthday I can add into my everyday life=]

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